You have several options for downloading information from this website for use aboard your vessel:

The app has ALL this website's information; the eBooks have only the charts.
Why not get both the eBooks and the App? Same price! Smiley-wink"

• Cruising Cape Breton App—The Electronic Cruising Guide that stays up-to-date

There should be no problem installing the App on a 'Tablet PC' running Windows®.
An iPad® user writes, "I had no problem downloading the website on my Mac and then transferring it to my iPad into the app GoodReader. Works like a charm."
NOTE: Changes listed above the horizontal line in the "What's New?" column on the Home Page (Introduction) are not included in the downloaded version of the App.

The App is a fully-interactive version of the Cruising Cape Breton website that runs on a laptop or tablet PC, without need for an Internet connection. For those cruising on a boat, the app allows access to all the charts, tide tables, marina and weather forecast information, etc—no Internet required. No need to download what might be needed before setting off on your cruise. The latest version takes about 22 MB on a laptop or tablet computer and can run from a flash drive. During the navigation season, a revised version of the app is usually uploaded at the beginning of each month. In addition to announced changes, the Website & App undergo numerous unannounced changes to correct typos, improve readability and functionality, and improve the 'look and feel'. So grab the latest available version! Important note!

NOTE: For external documents and web sites, indicated by Magenta Links, you must have an Internet connection: you will be unable to access them without it.

App Option 1 — Self-extracting zip-file (Windows users only)

Depending on your browser, you may be able to run this directly to install it; otherwise you will be required to save the file and then run it directly from the web browser's download. Follow the instructions. This operation will create a directory 'CruiseCB' on your C-drive where the files are stored and provides a shortcut on your desktop: 'CruiseCB'.
NOTE: When using this option there is no need to delete an older version when updating—it simply replaces it.
CruiseCB.exe (22 MB)   Creation Date: 1 March 2016

App Option 2 — Zip-file (Linux, Mac & Windows users)

This is a zipped version of the website which you install in a directory of your choice, and provide a shortcut to the index.html file. (22 MB)   Creation Date: 1 March 2016

eBook cover

• eBook Download

Here you can download the Chart Books in PDF-Format (eBook).
If you want a paper version, print it yourself or have a local print shop do it. The complete Bras d'Or Lakes book, laser-printed in colour, may cost as little as $25. Or print just the pages you need.
eBooks are updated as required, to incorporate the latest changes.

Chedabucto Bay (17 pages) — 2016-02-24
Bras d'Or Lakes System (86 pages) — 2016-01-01
St Anns Harbour (10 pages) — 2013-12-17
Highlands Coast (16 pages) — 2015-12-11
Miscellaneous PDFs—Tides & Weather (18 pages) — 2015-11-28

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