— Restaurants, Pubs, Cafés, Take-outs where cruisers can eat, within easy walking distance

For cruisers, who spend weeks, months, or even full-time aboard their boats, restaurants in harbours and anchorages are always a welcome change from their on-board cuisine. With only their boat, dinghy, and “shank's pony” for transport, such eateries need to be within “easy walking distance” of a place where they can get ashore.

This list provides information on such places so that cruisers will know where they can find a welcoming place to eat, within a couple of kilometres of getting ashore. [Two kilometres may seem like a long distance for some landlubbers, but cruisers have little choice but to walk. They are accustomed to walking considerable distances and usually welcome a chance to stretch their legs.]

infoThe COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of these seasonal eateries to remain closed or to have limited/takeout-only operation. Some may have gone out of business. We continue to monitor the situation.

The listing implies no endorsement. It provides brief information on each eatery and/or links to known websites, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Bras d'Or Lakes

Cape Breton Coastal Harbours

For a comprehensive listing of Cape Breton eateries, see

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Updated: 2020-12-13