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The chartlets of the Bras d'Or Lakes and Chedabucto Bay are based on those originally published in Cruise Cape Breton. They have been enhanced or redrawn using computer graphics software and information gleaned from various sources, including the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), National Resources Canada (NRC), Nova Scotia Land Registry Information System (LRIS), satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and recent observations. Most of these resources were unavailable to their original creator. The hydrography in the charts is based on that given in the Cruise Cape Breton charts, initially prepared by Roy Mac Keen—a founding member and Past Commodore of The Dobson Yacht Club. Names of places and geographic features have generally been revised to conform to those given on current CHS charts to avoid confusion.

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These charts are intended to provide cruisers with supplementary information and detail, unavailable in the large‑scale CHS charts.
They are NOT a substitute for CHS charts.

The chartlets, kept in a loose-leaf binder, are ideal for slipping in to a plastic, protective sleeve and putting on a clip-board for use at the helm.

Cruisers are 'Urged to Use Caution' in using the chartlets, since most of the soundings were taken in 1974, and that for some of the large-scale charts, there were inaccuracies in the shorelines, which have been corrected in the revised charts. However, this made placement of some soundings uncertain. Charts listed in BLUE will be added in due course. It is hoped that more areas of Cape Breton Island be included in the future. Some charts that were included in the original Cruise Cape Breton have been omitted where CHS charts now provide adequate or better detail (e.g. Chapel Island). This is a work-in-progress…

We invite cruisers with more up-to-date information or suggestions to enhance the accuracy or usefulness of these charts, to contact the editors or fill in the form below, and click the 'SEND' button.

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NOTE: All soundings in FEET, north arrow indicates TRUE NORTH. See Symbols & Abbreviations
See also notes on Buoyage

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I — Chedabucto Bay (Isle Madame, Lennox Passage & Strait of Canso)

Key Chart to Chedabucto Bay Chedabucto Bay—Overview
Bourgeois Inlet
Couteau Inlet
Intracoastal Waterway
 —Lennox Passage to West Arichat
Petit-de-Grat Harbour
Pirate Harbour

II — The Bras d'Or Lakes System

Overview of chart areas for Bras d'or Lakes
Bras d'Or Lakes—Overview

Draft & Mast Height Restrictions

Key Chart to St Peters Inlet

St Peters Inlet

St Peters Inlet—Overview
St Peter's & Canal
St Peters Inlet—Charts A & B
Cape George Harbour
MacNabs Cove
Johnstown Harbour

Key Chart to West Bay

West Bay

West Bay—Overview
Morrison Harbour (Morrison Head)
Pringle Harbour & MacLeods Pond
Ballams Point (Dundee Resort)
Head of West Bay Cove
Crammond Islands
Ross Pond
Clarke Cove (Marble Mountain)

Key Chart to Malagawatch Basins

Malagawatch & Basins

Little Harbour
Malagawatch Hbr & MacReas Cove
McKinnons Harbour
Entrance to North & Denys Basins
Alba & Estmere
Cassells, Crooked, & Wide Cove
North Basin
Morrison Cove
Blues Cove (Orangedale)
Denys Basin

Key Chart to East Bay

East Bay

East Bay—Overview
MacPhersons Pond
Christmas Pond
McPhee Islands
North Side East Bay—Charts A & B

Key Chart to St Patricks Channel

St Patricks Channel

St Patricks Channel—Overview
Baddeck Bay
Baddeck Harbour
Washabuck River & MacIvers Cove
MacNaughtons Cove
Little Narrows
Maskells Harbour

Key Chart to St Andrews Channel

St Andrews Channel

St Andrews Channel—Overview
Shunacadie & Black Point
Island Point Harbour
Long Island
Georges River
Little Bras d'Or

Key Chart to Great Bras d'Or Channel

Great Bras d'Or Channel

Great Bras d'Or—Overview
Big Harbour
Otter Harbour

III — St Anns Harbour

Key Chart to St Anns Harbour St Anns Harbour—Overview
Jersey Cove & St Anns Harbour Entrance
Goose Cove & North River
Seal Cove
North Gut & South Gut

IV — Highlands Coast

Key Chart for Highland Coast Highlands Coast—Overview
Little River
South Ingonish Harbour
Ingonish Harbour
Neils Harbour
Bay St Lawrence
Pleasant Bay

Lobster Fishing Season—2014
Lobster fishing season for the Highlands Coast region:
  • East Coast — from Cape St Lawrence south:
    May 10 to July 9
  • West Coast — from Cape St Lawrence south:
    May 1 to June 30
NOTE: These dates are provisional only. Check back closer to the season for the actual dates…

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